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Step By Step Instructions To Get Your HVAC License

Step 1 – License Application

TDLR License Application Form

You must submit the license application with appropriate fees ($115.00) to the state as well as the Experience Verification Form (included at the end of the application). It is mandated by the state that you must have at least 48 months of work experience.

Experience Form

This form must be filled out by someone who will verify your 48 months of experience. On this form your reference will need to provide a description of the type of work he or she can verify that you have done. Mail the completed TDLR License Application Form along with the completed Experience Verification Form to TDLR. Call TDLR in about 5-7 business days to check the status of your approval.

Step 2 – Taking and Passing the Exam

PSI Application Form

Once you have turned in your license application and the state has approved you for testing, you will be given an ID number that you will use to schedule your exam with PSI (800-733-9267). You may print the form above and submit it as instructioned on the form.

Before scheduling your exam with PSI you need to sign up and pay for our prep course to ensure availability for testing with PSI within 3-5 days after you have completed our Texas HVAC prep course webinar. You want to time this just right.

So sign up for our two day Texas HVAC/R prep course to ensure your spot. Register and pay for your webinar course and books. If you have a promo code be sure to include it on the registration form. Remember that you also want to allow enough time to have all your books in your possession. You need form all for the webinar, so sign up today and get the ball rolling. This is an open books test, 3 to 4 hours long; these books are yours to take in with you for your exam! We will email you back with your webinar code, which you will need in Step 5.

Step 3

Now you have locked in your prep course dates and your books are on the way. Now is the time to register with PSI for the day you want to take your exam. Call 800-733-9267 or register online at You may download the PSI application, print out the form, and send to PSI. The fastest way is online. You will need the ID number you received from the state.

Step 4

Almost done. Test your connection to the Webinar. We want to ensure your computer will connect to the webinar so you don’t miss any of your course. If there are any problems connecting, please call 24/7 tech support at 1-888-646-0014 at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled course.

Now join the Webinar. After you registered and paid for your Webinar, we e-mailed your webinar code for your class. Use that code to join the Webinar.

Step 5

You are done.

When you have successfully passed your exam you will need to provide the state with your passing test scores, proof of insurance, and your license fees. This is the final step to becoming a licensed contractor. Click here for a quote.