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Copycat-ad2Are you ready to pass your Texas HVAC license exam? Take this quick quiz and find out! 10 questions, 2 min’s on average per question, total of 20 min’s to complete this test. These questions have been seen on the state A/C contractor exam. When done simply go to our website: or call 866-521-5558 and ask for Brian and let’s talk about how we can help!

Interested in trying out our longer practice tests to prepare well for your real exam?

    (MRF pg. 571 sec 23.4.6)
    (MRF pg.581 sec 23.7)
    (MRF pg.566 sec 23-11)
    (MRF pg.561 See Figure 23-4)
    (MRF pg.558 sec 23.1.2)
    (MRF pg.563 sec 23.4.1)
    (MFR pg.581 sec 23.7)
    (MRF pg. 582 Summary #4)
    ( IMC Definitions pg.11)
    (IFGC specific appliances sec 627. 8 pg. 127 )